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Wax Replacement Tips Nail Rhinestone Picker Nail Tips Picking Tool

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It is mainly made of safe and gentle materials. It is simple and practical, with good texture. It can be easily replaced and brings convenience to your nail work. With simple design and practical functions, it can better help you fix and link small rhinestones so that they can be easily decorated on your nails.

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Kaychan 2 rhinestone picker pencils, 4 extra wax tips, 1 tweezer and 1 easy to carry clear box to DIY your nail art pieces. 1. Wax pen tip: for picking small nail rhinestones, gemstones and other nail decorative beads and placing them on your nails to make your nails look better. 2. Stainless steel tip: used to press the diamonds after you put them on your nails until the nail glue dries. 3.

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