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Pink Amour-acrylic Dip Powder, Nail Dip, Dip Nail, Dip Powders

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Pink Amour-Dip Powder Dip Powder-Acrylic Powder Our Dip Powders can also be used for acrylics with monomer liquid. Our Dip powders can be used with any dip liquids brand of choice. All of our swatches show 2-3 dips on a clear swatch stick. We recommend capping all glitter, foils, flakes and neons with clear dip before buffing smooth. Dip or pour over nails, (We prefer pouring the dip powder over the nails, rather than dipping.) For glitter or foil powders, we suggest to turn your finger upside down and press the nail into the dip powder rather than dipping or pouring. (This picks up more of the glitters) and then patting the glitter down onto the nail. Each Sample is 1 tsp in a hinged top clamshell Each 0.25oz jar will cover 5+ manicures Each 1 oz jar will cover 15+ manicures The estimated number of manicures depends on coverage and length of nails Please have the following tools available: * Liquid Dip Set- this consists of a base coat, activator, and top coat * Buffer/File- Use a buffer tool or a fine grit nail file to remove the shine from your natural nail and to buff smooth after applying dip powder and before applying top coat. * Brush- Used to brush off excess powder Polyethyl Methoacrylate, Titanium Dioxide, Benzoyl Peroxide. May Contain Acrylates Copolymer , Carbon Black, FDC Blue #1. FDC Yellow #4 Lake

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