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Eyelash Clusters D Curl Individual Lashes Wispy

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DIY Lash Extension Kit Lash Clusters 120pcs With Bond And Seal

Lash Clusters 200 Pcs DIY Individual Lashes 9-16mm Natural Look

You can apply cluster lashes at home by yourself, and create a recent super popular manga effect. Easy to put lashes on, gorgeous results, and lash clusters are not easily fall apart. Clusters take less time to complete each eye. Now save so much money and time.

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D Curling Diy Lash Extension Individual Lash Extensions Soft - Temu

No Glue Residue: Individual lashes clusters are fixed with self-adhesive tape, so there is no glue left on the cotton lash band and it can be worn

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Lash Clusters DIY Individual Eyelashes Extenison Natural Look

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