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Colour Acrylic Powder Sparkling - 616

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Royal gel - cleansing free colour gel. Perfect coverage in one layer! Revolutionary Royal Gels are the crown jewels of Crystal Nails’ Gel System. They are non-cleansing highly pigmented – hence the vivid & long-lasting colours & contain a curing accelerator agent which ensuring that creating beautiful gel nail art is smooth sailing. Royal Gels provide perfect coverage in a single layer and since they already shine bright like a queen’s crown. There’s no need to apply Top Shine. If you’re looking to colour up acrylic nails with Royal Gels please don’t forget to apply a layer between the two materials. Royal Gels cure in UV and LED. The new generation of colour gels. They are highly pigmentated so they cover perfectly in 1 (or 2 thin layers). After curing their surface is dry and shiny. If you would like to increase the shine or provide long-lasting durability cover them with Top Seal Light gel or Easy Off Top Gel. You can use them on the whole nail surface. Due to the high pigment content Royal Gels are perfect for nail decorations: for 3D design or gel nail art. Cure time: 2-3 minutes according to the strength of the lamp. In LED: 1-2 minutes. To apply Royal Gels onto acrylic nails use the top gel as an in-between layer to achieve the best adhesion. There are two methods to do this. You can either use a non-cleansing top gel cure it for 15-20 seconds in a UV lamp or 5-8 seconds in a LED lamp until the surface turns a tad tacky to ensure the Royal Gel’s proper adhesion; or you can apply any top gel buff the nail surface then apply Royal Gel onto the now-matte surface.

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