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22 Certifiably Killer Nail Looks for Your Nails in 2022

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With the new year fast approaching, the 2022 fashion and beauty trends are gradually emerging and it seems very likely we’re in for a killer year! While much of next year may appear uncertain, we’ve extensively researched what’s hot in the beauty world to predict 22 certifiably killer nail art trends and how to DIY the
With the new year fast approaching, the 2022 fashion and beauty trends are gradually emerging and it seems very likely we’re in for a killer year! While much of next year may appear uncertain, we’ve extensively researched what’s hot in the beauty world to predict 22 certifiably killer nail art trends and how to DIY them for the best nail manicures in 2022.  #1 - Checkerboard nails This fun and bright nail design by @yeswhatnails features the checkerboard print that continues to be a go-to manicure for influencers and fashionistas in all major cities. Often done with pastels or mismatched designs, this funky nail art plays on current trends of bright colours and retro prints that are bound to remain huge in the 2022 season. How to achieve this look - it’s really not as hard as it looks! Using a checkerboard design featured on the plate available here, you can transfer the print cleanly to your nails and fill it in with your favourite colour combination. Try mixing each nail up! #2 - Earthy Neutrals 22 Killer Nail Looks for You in 2022 Earth tone nails are coming in hot! @manicuresbydaniella does a great job at incorporating this gorgeous colour palette that has taken both the fashion and beauty world by storm! How to achieve this look - Look for warm neutral tones in beiges, browns and olives like these perfect shades: Cafe Au Lait , I Roar You and Danger from MoYou. #3 - Edgy Graphics 2022 is going to be full of mixing edgy and feminine styles, and we are loving these graphic nails by @nikishina.nail.studio that nail this trend. These edgy graphics can work on both short and long nail styles and will automatically give your outfit that extra kick. How to achieve this look - Look no further than the Holy Shapes Nail Art Stamping Collection. Just apply your chosen polish on your preferred design, scrape off the excess and using a stamper, press onto the nail base colour! Super simple, super fresh and insanely easy to use!  #4 - Reverse French Manicure We’re loving this twist on the classic french manicure seen on @nataliemckeough ‘s nails. Using a pop of colour for the tips turns this easy nail art look très chic and has been seen on runways all this season. Play around with the colour combinations; pastels, neons and primary colours would definitely bring some much-needed brightness to your winter wardrobe. How to achieve this look - Save yourself the nerves and shaking wrists with a french tip stamping plate like the one here. You’ll have a professional-looking manicure in moments! #5 - Cobalt Blue This colour has been ruling nail art trends and appeared all over designer collections. This gorgeous cobalt blue set by @bombshellnailslondon is to die for in our opinion and the perfect winter blue. How to achieve this look - Try this Premium Gel Polish in shade Out of this World for an almost perfect match!  #6 - Glitter Nails Glitter nails are the perfect way to add a bit of glam to any outfit this season and @stephstonenails nails it with this glitter ombre effect. We’re in love with this simple and stylish nail design that’s super easy to DIY! How to achieve this look - Using the MoYou It’s Raining Glitter and the Silver Rainbow Glitter, apply to the top half of the nail and using tweezers adjust until you have achieved the desired gradient.  #7 - Mismatched Art This sketchbook style nail design by @mariealliancenails is all the rage right now. Inspired by eclectic colours and mix and match patterns that held a force over 2021 fashion weeks, we’re definitely going to see more of this doodle style in the new year. How to achieve this look - Select a bunch of bright colours and plan out your designs using the Trend Hunter Collection. Perhaps you could use the flowers from Plate 26, the animal prints from Plate 20 or the Abstracts on Plate 22? Get creative with mix and matching the trendiest nail designs in one collection. #8 - Smiley faces This fun nail art idea has been spotted on the nails of Harry Styles and Dua Lipa, and will definitely be adorning fingernails worldwide in 2022. This gorgeous nail design by @elias.nails is both stylish and minimal, allowing you to play discreetly into trends. How to achieve this look - Replicate this look in any colour you desire with this emoticon nail design plate. #9 - Wild Prints We saw cow-print take front and centre in the nail art world this year, and we’ll certainly see her wild sister prints in the new year. This zebra look by @ladyfancynails is killer and adds its own twist with a half-nail design. How to achieve this look - Get clean and flawless printed designs with this wild print stamping plate. Not sold on the zebra? The giraffe print, snake-skin or dalmatian spot prints are equally as roar-some for 2022! #10 - Mismatched Hands These mismatched nails by @kristimnailstudio in contrasting colours are über cool and so easy to recreate! Colour blocking is set to be huge next year so we predict this contrasting hand design is likely to be at the forefront of fashion weeks! How to achieve this look - Look for contrasting nail colour combinations, our favourite dream duos would have to be Pine Tree and Periwinkle or Shell Pink and Out of this World. #11 - Nostalgia Nails This year we’ve seen a huge pop culture throwback in fashion and beauty to the ’90s and early 2000s, and we expect to continue to see this nostalgia featured in nail art designs in 2022. This hand-painted Care Bears design by @nailsthatdrip features the colours and toys of our childhood and is definitely a nod to greater Y2K fashion trends. How to achieve this look - Get this design even easier with the MoYou Care Bears range, which allows you to design pastel themed sets in moments. There’s a number of other themed collections to take you back to your childhood - check out the Hipster, Kawaii and Tumblr Girl collections to be transported back to last decade. #12 - Lime Green This bright and funky shade painted by @la_luna_nailstudio has been all over the Pinterest explore page recently! Complementing every skin tone, this lime green has been seen on Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Billie Eilish and is definitely set to be a popular colour at nail salons in 2022. How to achieve this look - If you’re looking for a simple monochrome manicure with this trending nail colour, try our premium nail polish in the shade Stay in the Car. #13 - Funky florals These colourful floral nails by @naominailsnyc are so cute and play on the retro flower decals we saw dominate this year. In 2022, expect to see more funky floral designs, particularly utilising negative space and neutral bases. Another funky floral trend projected for success is early 2000s Hawaiian style floral prints. How to achieve this look - After painting your nails with a base coat and your desired colour, these smaller floral stamping designs are perfect for experimenting with this trendy and fairly simple nail art design. #14 - Minimalism These sleek minimal black, white & nude nails with a glossy finish by @nailcyclopedia are so elegant and chic for the coming season. We’ve seen big prints and colours take the forefront of 2021, so it will be nice to balance these trends with some classic designs that remain stylish. Simple black linework and neutral shapes will likely see a huge resurgence. How to achieve this look - The Artist 29 Plate is perfect for this nail art idea. Simply apply black nail polish or any preferred colour with the brush, remove excess with a scraper, and use our 3 in 1 Super Clear Rectangular Stamper & Scraper to apply to the nail. #15 - Organic shapes We’re obsessed with these stunning nails by @nailsbycanishiea that combine multiple trends of organic shapes, neutral colour palettes and mixing matte and glossy finishes for this gorgeous look. In 2022, like the ‘elevated basics’ fashion trend, we’re likely to see more of these unique takes on minimal graphic nails. How to achieve this look - We suggest using the Le Musée 07 Plate to curate your design. Consisting of organic shapes, modern illustrations and minimal graphic images, you can bring even the most difficult-looking Insta nails to life! #16 - Pastel Brights 2022 will be all about this gorgeous colour palette and @olga_nails_london has aced it with these beautifully shaped pastel rainbow nails. We’re obsessed! It’s the perfect nail design to try if you’re looking for something unique in the new year but don’t know where to start. How to achieve this look - Place different pastel colours together in the order of the rainbow until you are happy with the desired look, with darkest on the thumb and lightest on the pinky nail. We suggest this combination if you’re after the above look: Classic Lipstick, Malibu Tan, Bingo! Dino DNA, Glacier and Periwinkle. #17 - Beautiful Botanicals The less-loud sister trend to funky florals, we’ll definitely see more muted botanical designs in 2022. This phenomenal monochrome mani by @lacktraviata is EVERYTHING and such a fun colour to brighten up this winter. How to achieve this look -  @lacktraviata achieves this look using MoYou stamping designs from the Fall in Love collection that features delicate botanicals that look great year-round. Pair with the Wood Wind Bundle of 4 if you’re loving these shades.  #18 - Metallics Ring in 2022 on NYE with a metallic manicure! Bring in all the glitter, shimmer and shine or opt for a more pearlescent metallic like these nails by @erierinailz on Issa Rae. We’re definitely expecting this gorgeous shade to become a 2022 bridal favourite too. How to achieve this look - If you’re keen on Issa Rae’s look, we’d suggest our Premium Metallic Nail Polish in Amber Rose or Rosie Sparkles and finishing with one of our Pearl Shine polishes as a top coat like this one. If you’re after a bold metallic, this warm golden shade is our top pick.  #19 - Zodiacs & Astrology Through lockdown, we’ve all had more time to read our horoscopes and zodiac nail designs have been trending on the rise. We love these heavenly nails by @thecelistinail, the white and lilac palette with splashes of gold is just divine! How to achieve this look - Using a base coat and the shade Soft Iris, follow with your chosen designs from the stamping plates in the Zodiac Collection to replicate this look. #20 -  Plaid & Gingham These nails on singer Dua Lipa by celebrity nail artist @nailsbymei for a Burberry show are so fun and fresh. We love the colour scheme and how versatile this print is both through the holiday season and beyond.  How to achieve this look - Get even cleaner plaid lines by using a Stamping tool like this 3 in 1 Super Clear Rectangular Stamper & Scraper and this plaid stamping plate for a celebrity-worthy manicure. #21 - Swirls and Squiggles We’re loving these squiggle nails by @perthnailsbyt and are looking forward to seeing them all over our social media feeds in 2022. This colour combo adds a retro twist, which is so hot right now. How to achieve this look - We’re loving these retro prints featured on the Le Musee 01 Plate inspired by this look and using a fine-tipped brush and your chosen MoYou Premium Polish Shade, you can add in any extra details to achieve your desired look. #22 - Emerald Green Our final trend prediction for 2022 manicures is this gorgeous emerald/shamrock green that’s been all over fashion magazines and is making its way to nail stardom. These nails by @cult_manicura are just gorgeous and bring joy not just for Christmas, but all year round. How to achieve this look - For regular polish,  Kiss the Frog is your perfect match, and if you’re a gel fan, we’d suggest ‘The Grass is …’ . Using the Cuticle Guard, you’ll easily achieve this sleek and flawless manicure in minutes. So there you have it, 22 Killer Nail Ideas for 2022 that will keep you with the most stylish-looking manicures for the new season. If you try any of these looks with our products, make sure to tag us so we can share your creations!

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